The Municipal Institution City Museum of Negotino was founded in 1978 by a Decision of the Municipal Assembly of Negotino. It is an institution which is active in the field of culture. The MI City Museum of Negotino is a cultural, educational and scientific institution, which promotes education about the cultural heritage, permanently satisfies the cultural needs of the working people and citizens, and contributes to the promotion of the professional work and scientific research in the field of culture, education, and other fields through systematic research, collecting, collating, professional and scientific processing and study, protection, preservation, advertising and presentation of the museum materials. The MI City Museum of Negotino is a museum of a general character i.e. it is a complex museum and its work is organized in organizational units – departments:

1. Department of Archaeology;
2. Department of History;
3. Department of Ethnology;
4. Department of Fine Arts;

The first exhibition was organized in 1978 and it contained materials from the artworks of the well-known artist Dimche Protugjer. The facility owns an exhibition space of 450 m2 for permanent museum exhibitions and about 100 m2 for temporary exhibitions. In 2008 additional 200 m2 were built as a donation from the Italian Embassy through the “Tikvesh wine route” Foundation for the development of wine tourism. Today, this space is where the ethnological-wine exhibition is featured, and downstairs is the Lapidarium which exhibits part of the collection of LAPIDARIUM of the MI City Museum of Negotino.



Dragica Chekorovska, ethnologist–senior curator. Education: Graduated from the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje in May 1996 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Ethnology. Employment: employed at the MI City Museum of Negotino from 1 October 1996 as an ethnologist-curator. She obtained the title senior curator with a Decision by a Review Committee at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia in November 2007, and in 2012 the same title was re-elected. At the moment, she is applying for the title curator-mentor. In 2013, she enrolled at the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje for postgraduate studies in Ancient Archaeology. She is going to defend her master thesis “Antic Ceramics in the MI City Museum of Negotino.”

COLLEGIATE BODY at MI City Museum of Negotino – Negotino

Department of Archaeology and Fine Arts:
Kostadinka Filipova, curator, art historian and archaeologist

Department of Ethnology:
Dragica Chekorovska, ethnologist-senior curator
Marija Ristova, cashier
Vaska Gjorgjieva, scrubwoman-courier
Vaska Nastova, lawyer
Pepica Ivanova Arsov, museum technician

Board of Directors at MI City Museum of Negotino
President of the Board of Directors: Nadica Micova
(External) Member: Tane Angelovski
(External) Member: Goce Najdovski
(Internal) Member: Marija Ristova
(Internal) Member: Vaska Gjorgjieva