In the archaeological permanent exhibition artefacts found from archaeological excavations on excavation sites located on the territory of the municipality of Negotino are exhibited. The archaeological items that are exhibited in the permanent archaeological exhibition are grouped, represented in chronological order, covering the prehistoric period, the ancient and medieval period. From the exhibited archaeological items, the ceramic items stand out by their form (various plates, jugs, pots, pottery vessels, large storage pots buried in the floors), the way of decorating by painting, engraving, etc., but they are distinguished as well by the various anthropomorphic and zoomorphic representations in the form of the figurines.

In this group of items, dishes made locally on this territory stand out, following the example of the famous ceramic centres that dictated fashion, but the imported containers are also outstanding. Part of the standard weapons and tools made of iron are presented in the permanent archaeological exhibition. The jewellery represented in the cabinets of the archaeological exhibition is from female burials and is divided into several categories: jewellery worn on the head - earrings, diadems; jewellery for the neck and hands: necklaces, fibulas, bracelets, rings; jewellery worn as belts: buckles and buttons made of bronze, bone, glass paste and silver. During its operation, the MI City Museum of Negotino has valorised a collection of works of art, and in the years to come the museum will continue with this activity of organizing art exhibitions and purchasing art pieces by renowned artists in order to enrich its collection.