The Department of History at the MI City Museum of Negotino - Negotino was founded with the establishment of the institution in 1978, and monitors the events related to the history of the city, relying on historical data about the municipality of Negotino through the centuries, gradually increasing with the number of historical materials collected through donation, purchase and field research. The first exhibition set in the museum is the historical one, and it sets the foundations of the institutionalized museum activity in Negotino and its surroundings. The Department of History represents and studies the period from the formation and establishment of the city of Negotino, starting from 1800, the period during the Ilinden uprising, the Balkan Wars, the First and Second World Wars.

The professional and scientific research work in the Department of History is based on the following principles: acquisition, research, collating, expert and scientific processing of the historical museum materials and museum items; listing museum materials and museum items in the museum registers and their keeping and protection; publishing and presenting museum materials and museum items by organizing permanent and temporary exhibitions, lectures, seminars, screening of films and other forms of acting; scientific and research activity is realized through research projects, by organizing scientific gatherings and scientific conferences, lectures, book promotions, publishing activity, etc. The whole period is represented by photos, texts, maps, weapons.